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 Tuesday, 29. July
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Ronny Veres

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  • 1. What costs me a membership?

  • 2. What means standard membership?

  • 3. What means Premiummitgliedschaft?

  • 4. I am 17 years. May I become member of Community ?

  • 5. Can I register myself also without picture as a member in your Community?

  • 6. How can I mean account to delete?

  • 1. What costs me a membership?

    A membership with is free!

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    2. What is standard membership?

    The standard membership is free?.
    Some features are you not available.

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    3. What does your Premium-membership?

    As a premium member, you can all functions within our community without any restrictions.

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    4. I am 17 years old. Can I become a member of community?

    No! You must be 18 years old!
    A membership is under 18 years for legal reasons not allowed!

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    5. Can I also without image as a member of your community?

    Remember, however, that the attractiveness of your profile picture without falling.

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    6. How can I delete my account?

    Log in you with your access data.
    Click on the menu on user account delete, and then follow the described approach.

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